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Spinning in Circles

and coming back around again....

26 December 1963
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Thanks for stopping by!
My user name is questioned alot, so to start with, it's my husband's nick name plus girl. Simple. He's Foob. I'm Boof. Someday I'll explain.

Michael and I have been married six years now, January 2009 we will have been together for ten years. He is my heart and my hearts desire. As I am his. It amazes me after all the turmoil in my life, I finally found him. We found our paths had crossed many times, but fate decided when we should meet!
I am divorced from PJ (Pete). We're good friends and hang out together quite often. Since we have children together, sometimes everything isn't rosy when we disagree on how to raise them, but for the most part, he accepts that Michael is a great step-dad and since the girls have always lived with me, our rules kind of over rule him sometimes.

I have children. Some of my womb, others not.
Jenny is my step-daughter from a long long ago marriage. (Not PJ) Her dad has been out of her life for most of her life. She has two moms - Her birth mom Lisa, and me. We all keep in touch and Lisa sends me the silliest jokes in email! Jenny is married to Clint and has twin boys, Connor and Jay who are five and I am their Grandma!

Jamee is her big sister. Jamee has been through alot of ups and downs in her life, but she has it together now, and is getting married soon! I am so proud of the way she has turned her life around, and proud that her little girl, Alyssa (13) is my granddaughter!

Jackie is my first born. My silly red head. She is 24 and acts like she is 35 and 15 on alternate days! She drives me nuts, and she makes me smile.

Shawna is 20. She was my demon child. Quite a handful when she was younger. She is now a beautiful, graceful, out going and accomplished young lady. She writes, sings and has been in more plays (both musical and drama) than I can recount here. She was the Color Guard Captain for four years running. And she drives a Silver Slug which is Flower Powered.
She graduated from Massage Therapy school this past June (2008)! She now lives with her dad in Point Pleasant NJ.

Maggie - my baby, my heart and soul. She is 16 going on 50. I swear her wisdom sometimes knocks me out. She is one of my best friends and she is just a very cool person. She loves to write and has recently ventured into photography. She is also an awesome juggler! She has a full "kit bag" with various professional juggling equipment. She helped the NYU School of Film in making a film called "NJ Is Beautiful" which benefited The Ronald McDonald Camp for Kids. She volunteers her time for various causes, and has a bevy of pets (bunnies, fish, hamsters, etc.)

Now the tidbits.
I am Pagan. Proudly. That does NOT mean I worship Satan. That does NOT mean I dance naked in the moon light (although I could if I wanted! lol) It means I respect the old religions, it means I respect the earth. I honor the old ones that came before time. It means I try to stay in harmony with all living things. Even non living things - but the cable box and the dishwasher and I have relationship issues we still haven't worked out. And forget the VCR and DVD, they just aren't team players!! lol

I love to garden. I love getting my hands dirty! I love the feel of the earth in my hands.

I love good food, both cooking it, eating and sampling new places to get it!

I love music. Music is my soul. Michael is a musician. He plays and sings so well that sometimes I tremble and cry when his fingers float across the strings of one of his 27 guitars or basses or the drums, or the keyboards......

And I am almost whole. I say almost because I have suffered losses. Friends that I loved are gone, both to the other side and to the rest of the world. People I think about frequently. I have lost loved ones. I lost my father four years ago, and that is a loss I am afraid I shall never overcome or heal from. Each and every day I cry out for him in my heart. My father was so much more than a father to me. My mentor, my protector, my staunchest ally. I have lost parts of me as well in life.
Many years ago I had a nervous breakdown. Now shussh! That isn't a bad thing! It's a very very good thing! My body was wise enough to shut my brain off for a time when I had allowed myself to become overloaded by emotions and the past had caught up with me. I had played a part for so long that it wasn't possible for me to continue on the path I was on without self imploding! But that break caused damage as well. While I learned how to deal with my depression - something I had no idea I had lived with for years - something I hid from myself and others quite well - the doctors I trusted put me on massive doses of medications. To this day, I have memory losses of months at a time. People tell me of my actions, my words, of places I went and things I did - I can only nod as if they are speaking of a stranger.

Now I know how to recognize my depression, my ups and downs. Now I know what to do in each instance. My path from there to here has not been easy, but it has been a growing one and a welcome one!

This journal is my way of sharing my life, my experiences and my day to day droles....I hope you will join me, ask questions, challenge me, laugh with me, cry with me. Share the human experience with me. After all, what is a life worth if there is no one to bare witness to it!?